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The Carnaval Carolina has been considered one of the most important Latin-American events amongst the North American Continent. This celebration has been so successful, that is has served as an indirect tool to rescue hispanic traditions. Every year, thousands of people attend to this celebration hoping to enjoy an extensive variety of Latin-American dishes, exotic fruits and delicacies all in a family-friendly environment. Carnaval Carolina provides a secure and safe setting by not allowing the sale of beer or any other alcoholic beverages and for many years, this event has been characterized for its credibility and delivery of what it has promised. And as if all of the food, beverages, activities and games for everyone weren’t enough…the event concludes with a fireworks show.


Carnaval Carolina’s indisputable success keeps marking a new high in the entertainment history every year. What has made this event so successful is the varied participation of international performers that please the public throughout the day, along with the most recognized groups and bands in the Latin-American music industry. The stage is also filled with celebrities, models and radio personalities preferred by the public, who are ready to bring the best of the Hispanic culture on to the Carolinas. It is also important to know that this event has been awarded the “Key to the City” in the past by the Mayor.

Since 1998, more than 1.5 million attendees


300,000 consumers from across the United States


North Carolina Hispanics will have a projected purchasing power of $346 million by 2015.


More than 40 music stars across all genres.


The local and state-wide media have been responsible for publicizing such event by diffusing it through radio, television, internet, newspapers and magazines. This way it is able to reach every corner of the Carolinas and allows its residents to feel identified with a celebration so big, that it has reached national levels, as it has been stated before. Carnaval Carolina is and has always been awaited by its thousands of followers and attendees and growing every year, making it a historical festivity full of heritage from Central and South America.


Every sponsor of Carnaval Carolina has the potential to achieve a direct contact with more than 300 thousand consumers, establishing confidence and purchase motivation among our multicultural audience, in other words, your products and services obtain exceptional marketing results.